List of places to sell or value your car online

Yep! Sorry about that. Link:


They’re local and I have a car to sell. I’ll give 'em a try.

Def recommend getting your highest offer and countering with that since they allow haggles. Good luck!

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Do they buy leased cars from the captive bank that allows it?
F.e. Hyundai Finance.

I just tried with Autobuy “we pay the max” and they told me i’ll have to pay about $2-3k in fee about my personal buyout quote for them to do. They’ll take possession of the vehicle, send payoff payment to captive bank as if it was you, and once i rec’d the title to sign over to them. I didn’t expected the hefty fee.

Sounds like they’re buying it out in your name. The fee is probably largely sales tax.

That what it sound like. I was hoping the other way around when 3rd dealer buyout to not including sale taxes.

Are you sure you were thorough and accurately obtained market value on this before selling it? You only got 13 offers​:crazy_face::crazy_face:

This is the definition of diligence!


Saw a commercial for they have dealerships all over PA and NJ and seem to have every brand dealer.


Has anyone on here bought out their lease and then sold to one of these companies? We made our final payment and want to pay off the residual in a few weeks. Any issues or unexpected costs?

Read the review thread for each one. They were linked for a reason.


Anyone have sold to Cargurus care to share your experiences?

Thats just a listing site like ebay right?

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I think it’s a used new cars search site. It’s just popping up on my feeds wanting to buy my car.

I went there and it says ‘Create a Listing’
That sounds like Ebay to me

Just to add to this thread Enterprise buys cars. They use KBB trade-in-value and will have to inspect your car for final offer:


Any experience with them to report back?

Just got my online estimate with them. They use KBB trade-in-value. May schedule an appointment soon for real offer.

Here is a closed thread on Enterprise:

Useless for LH - they don’t buy Jeep lol

Enterprise doesn’t buy Jeeps? They rent out Wranglers in their premium selection.

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