Lincoln Lease rates & MF?

Hi 1st post after reading and learning for a while. Looking for advice at this crazy time in our world.
looking at a new Lincoln navigator L to haul the family around.My dealer sent me these factors as we explore a new lease. I have looked at less $ vehicles but my wife and I do better than most and are in a good spot to get a premium SUV for our 4 person family. I also get $ 1000 from my company monthly to supplement a car payment.
Residual 59%
Lease Rate 5.43

My main question is the lease rate and if this is a number that’s flexible ? This number seems to be much higher than my past leases & drive the monthly payment up $ 200-250 more a month than what I was anticipating. thanks for any input or education on this.

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You can get that info on the Edmunds forums. You also need to state the terms.

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Ok I’ll look on there

You know you could lease a Bolt in every color with that kind of car allowance? :joy:

But in all seriousness, that’s a nice perk. Just make sure you’re getting a base MF and try to scrounge a discount. I know dealers weren’t discounting these when they first came out, but who knows now with what’s going on?

I found that (at least locally) Lincoln weren’t that interested in negotiating. Do you like the Escalade? People have gotten good deals on that car and from Cadillac in general on this forum.

Lincoln mf/apr is awful. If you want black label think $1350+tax, reserve you should be able to snag for $1200+tax.

Either way you slice it you are going to have to pay $600-$800 out of pocket if you include excess payment + gas + insurance. It’s like $1600-$1800 all in.

Fwiw I would evaluate the use of the navigator because it’s going to be a pita in the city and in crowded parking lots,(and I’m talking the regular navigator, the L will be an extra foot on the back) and is generally a large vehicle more in line with long distance family hauler or if you have a large family.

The navigator is a hot seller so don’t expect on finding anything more than an average deal.

It’s a great vehicle, much better than the current gen escalade and looks better than the new gen escalade as well… but it has its quirks and features, its the #1 full size luxury suv imo and has more 3rd row legroom than the escalade, x7, and gls.

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