LH NorthEast region not EV friendly?

Ha! (pun)…CURRENTLY, all cell packs are comprised of individual batteries/cells, and their specific chemistry dictates their C-rate charge and discharge parameters, but the electrons themselves are agnostic, and will go any direction they’re allowed by the software.

Similar to seeing 15-20 miles on that new car odometer. Naturally, the number of chained packs would help determine just how much individual pack depletion would occur, but ideally only a few percent of charge per pack would be the goal, assuming the solar can replace it promptly in the next day or two. A few percent under management should not impact the overall lifespan of the cell packs, and the customer wouldn’t even need to know…but surely that data could be easily tracked and presented as well.

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Lol, that was unintentional.

Thank you captain obvious, hence the question if they can do this. There could also be hardware preventing this.

My Jeep certainly goes through a lot of loud contortions (which was a surprise) with relay clicks and stalls, more clicks, then goes silent while charging, so I have no doubt bi-directional might take some redesign, but the ‘problem’ isn’t the cells, it’s pebkac.

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V2G (Vehicle to Grid) is concept that was long asked by EV owners, new Hyundai Ioniq 5 is getting that. I think first one in mainstream cars.


It is a good idea but the problem is trying to convince an owner or dealer group to invest millions upon millions into a technology that causes revenue to shrink. Only way it makes sense is to have some stations for the general public and turn it into a destination center to recoup the costs, which again means millions more to invest. This could work at an auto mall setup, but for stand alone dealers it is a losing proposition.