Lexus UX250H 35.9K MSRP 2K down 304/mo for 36/12

Northern NJ, bergen county.

Lexus UX 250H, 2020 model, 35.9K MSRP
55% residual for 36/10
54% residual for 36/12

Walked into dealer with $290/mo and 2K down negotiated (incl all fees/taxes/1st month’s) for 36/10. Decided to boost mileage to 12K instead of 10K and they’re adding $14/mo. Is that fair? Or should it be about $10/mo extra?

Are you seriously asking if $4/mo difference is fair?

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I’m not mad at you. Once a dealer was charging my mom an extra $6 because “the computer calculated the monthly”- I helped him fix that. It’s not a lot of money to us but for me it’s the principle. He should not have pulled a quick one.

Yes, $4 a month is approx $155. I’d say take the deal. You won’t miss that $4.


Thank you! Yes we took it! It was for my parents, so I felt the same way as West Indian. Great deal anyhow and very happy, will post details in proper forum.

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What % off List price did you get? Adjusted sale price? market for a UX250H, seeing what % discount is reasonable for a 2020.

11.5% off MSRP

I test drove one of these recently and it’s pretty comfortable…although it’s really pokey above 40mph.

Curious if there will be any better incentives or discounts on 2020s during the December to Remember promotions that Lexus runs.

Yes but the question was how much. 1% chg in residual on 36K is $360. $360 amortized over 36mo is $10/mo, not $14/mo. Add taxes fees etc you’d be at $11 tops. Not a big deal and $14 is great. The deal was phenomenal, happy camper.

Apologies, you’re 100% correct, it may be something we can’t see with such limited details.

Did it feel too small on the road? I am flip-flopping between this and an NX for my wife to replace a Rogue

Nah, I’d say the size feels fine on the road. A little more road noise than I would have expected but the ride is very comfortable. Seats are phenomenal. I used to have a CT200h a few years ago, and it’s roughly the same feel but with a tad more lift.

Storage space and the back seat are definitely tight. You should definitely drive it and compare to the NX to see which meets your needs.

We sat in one, and the rear floor on the 2020 was really high. I hear in 2021 they addressed that some but I am not sure. Beautiful interior though on the Glazed Caramel

Yeah, if you look at pics of the 2021, they basically dropped it down a few inches (right now there is actually a storage compartment underneath the rear carpet floor, but it’s obviously covered up so isn’t very useful). The downside is that the storage floor isn’t flat with the seats folded (there’s now a dip).

Agreed that Caramel is great and so is the Lapis/birch two-tone trim. Makes it look a class above.

There are no fees added to an RV change and there is no such as “it should be X tops.” It should be easy to plug in the relevant variables such as the MF, RV, etc into the LH calculator and see the payment difference the change creates.

Note that this will probably change the DAS too in the LH calculator. If the dealer keeps the DAS the same as before by capitalizing some more dollars, the monthly will obviously reflect that too.

I keep seeing 2k due at signing. Can you give me a break down if what the 2k includes? Any cap cost reduction in that 2k?

It doesn’t matter how you allocate DAS money, aside from DMV fees being non-taxable in many states.

Let’s say your DAS is $1,000 plus first month. It doesn’t really matter whether the DAS is allocated to $600 acq and $399 doc, or whether both those are capitalized followed by a $999 cap cost reduction

Isn’t mileage at $0.15 per mile? So that’s a $300 charge reduced to $158.

I’m thinking for MYSELF if I would roll the dice on my next lease and go 12k vs 10k. (I do expect to drive more once the pandemic calms down)