Lexus Rx450h 2020 lease deal

Hey guys, so I just signed this deal and would like an input if I did good or not… this is for a Lexus rx450h Fsport 2020. My first time posting here so please let me know if more info is needed. Thank you. This is in Florida btw

Dope ride! Don’t love the payment of $588 but you could do worse.

MF seems high but I don’t know Lexus rates.

An effective $643.91/mo. The effective Mf was 1.44% (MSDs would have brought that down).

OP congratulations and enjoy.

Would you consider it that I did a good job with this deal??

It doesn’t matter. Congratulations and enjoy! :balloon:


What’s the point of asking afterwards?

Forget it and enjoy the car


Awesome to see.

Great deal on a Hybrid. Gas ones do better, but people have been pretty persistent about having a Hybrid vehicle.