Lexus RX350 AWD lease - Can I do better?

MSRP $54,184
selling price $47,500

36/12,000 lease term

MF .0008
MF with 9 MSD .00008 ( $4,050 MSD )

$6,050 due at signing ($4,050 MSD + $2,000 down)
Inception cost/down payment $2,000? ($1,588 inception ? + $445 1st payment)
$2000 pays for inception fees and 1st payment (acq fee/doc fee/tags/title)

$4,050 back at lease maturity

Tax rate - 3%

$445/month ( I am assuming including tax - but will confirm)

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Actually cancel that. It’s a great deal.

There are several RX threads you can compare your deal to

Not to diss the deal, it is a good deal. Test drove the rx and i would take a Jeep Grand Cherokee limited instead of that in my opinion. Might be biased but the touch screen functionality is worth it to me.