Lexus RX-350 FSport

Hi friends, how does this deal stack up? I typed out the breakdown from the dealers deal sheet.

MSRP: 61,175
Discount: 5,275
Vehicle Selling Price: 55,900
Doc Prep: 80
License: 492
Tire/Battery/VTR: 8.75
Acq: 795
Tax on Collected Items: 611.17
Total Cap: 57,886.92
Down/Cash Cap Reduction: -3933.40
Rebate: -2500
Net Cap: 51453

500/month tax included

Down/Cash Cap: 3,933
1st Month: 500
Due on Delivery: 4,433

Effective Money Factor: 0.00015
10k Miles
RV: 58% (35,481.50)

Tax 9.5%

The spec sheet didnt break down what exactly goes into the “Down/Cash Cap” but in our emails it was 5 MSD + 1,800 down, does that properly add up to 3,933?

Thank you everyone! Thoughts?

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That MSRP seems high for a 350. You can get a RXhybrid F Sport for $62K.

I have a RX Hybrid F sport Automic Silver on Red and yes you can have it at $62k

@Fast_Track_Leasing What kind of deal can you do on two base model RX350’s? A buddy and I are both looking to get into one at the right price.

Are you looking to lease, finance or buy it outright?

@bastarf If I’m reading it correctly, 500 a month tax in with $3933.00 due at signing which includes 5 MSD’S, you’re getting a steal.

I’m curious why the $1800 down? Is it to get the price down to 500 even?

Ditto what milkchug said. @Fast_Track_Leasing can you provide the breakdown for the lease? It doesn’t sound much better than the current national lease offer.

I would be interested in leasing at 36 months 12k mi.

I wasn’t aware that the national ad included MSD’s?

@bastarf and @milkchug

Let’s compare ads.
Lexus has a nation offer of $399.00 plus tax
36 month
10K miles a year
Due at signing $2799.00 which doesn’t include DMV ($450 new or $350.00 transfer tags) = $3249.00

My offer is $409.00 plus tax
36 months
10K miles a year
due at signing $1690.00

Let’s look at it in a different way. If we were to do the same out of pocket as the Lexus national offer, $3249.00 I’d be at $365.00 plus tax, saving you $34.00 a month or $1224.00 over the course of the lease.

I hope this helps, David

Sounds like we have 2 different things going on here.

I’m curious as to the original post regarding the great deal on a $62K car. The OP clearly has a much better deal compared to the national offer (Offer based on MSRP of $45,154 including delivery, processing and handling.) which seems to be on a base RX 350.

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David, is this for a base RX or the 62k hybrid fsport you said you have?

No this is on a base RX350 with an MSRP of $44,494.00

What’s the numbers on your atomic silver one?

The RX450 AWD F Sport Navi, runs for $615.00 a month plus tax with $1900.00 total due at signing for 36 months and 10K miles a year. I also have a White on Red. David

Hi everyone! I wanted to update you all on what we ended up with.

2017 RX-F, loaded to 61474 MSRP

574/mo tax included
3000 MSD
700 Down
Total Drives (3700)


White on Red