Lexus RX 350 Fsport Handling AWD Did I get a good deal?!

Lexus RX 350 Fsport Handling AWD
MSRP 61900 selling price was 58XXX
Monthly Payment is 770 including Tax
Rent charge is 2000
Residual Value is 35XXX

Did you sign yet? If not, walk away from this deal.

If you are still looking into a RX, you need to use previous deals posted on LH to further evaluate target discount and add in incentives.

You’d need more details to properly evaluate, but I can’t imagine ever paying almost $800/mo for an rx.

How much was due at sale?

What details would help?

1000 due at signing

Incentives, mf (buy rate and what they charged), add ons, any trades, etc

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Money factor was .001 I didn’t not ask about the buy rate

Incentives were 1500 rebate

They’re not going to tell you what it is. It’s up to you to gather that info while doing your research ahead of time.

There’s not much you can do at this point if you have already signed. In the future, its in your interest to do your research and ask these questions before signing rather than after.


I was given a similar number on a RXL a few weeks ago. I completely walked away from it. Without knowing all your numbers, the breakdown on the deal I was offered included the lease cash (June) in the discount, but had everything rolled in the cost (taxes, tags, fees, 1st month). So once we came to an understanding that $739/month was everything rolled in, no one wanted to give me an answer on where the $2K out of pocket they were asking for was being applied to. Your numbers look shocking similar to the garbage I was given.

You got a good enough deal to sign and take delivery based on your desire to drive this car for the lease term at the price you agreed to pay.

Willing Buyer + Willing Seller = DEAL!!

Don’t be a psychological prisoner of post purchase dissonance, (AKA “Buyer’s Remorse”). Just enjoy your new car.

After all, this is more car than anyone “NEEDS” for basic transportation so price was NEVER going to be the driving factor here.