Lexus Plus .... Another subscription leasing program


Another lease subscription program… BUT … no details on pricing so you have to contact a dealer. … What are the chances of getting straightforward numbers which will vary accross dealers accross the state.


I wonder what it costs? Seems like a repackaging for their original no-haggle price effort which I’m sure got minimal traction.


the dealer will just package insurance with the lease. This thing looks ripe for abuse as it is very opaque.

The Volvo subscription was very straight-forward and consumer friendly.


I did a focus group on what BMW was thinking about doing with the subscription leasing. Feels like the manufacturers are trying to adapt to suit the needs of higher-income yuppies who live in cities and don’t necessarily need a car, but may or may not want one. Because they have high disposable incomes (or think they do), the car companies think this could work for them. I don’t see it happening.


Transparency is the biggest factor which decides if this model is going to work. I think Lexus just messed up the very beginning of this program by directing customers to dealerships. Most of the customers already have an idea of what to expect when reaching out to dealers for pricing.
Volvo was smart to implement with a base price for everyone and that too from the ease of your smartphone.


dealers are now suing Volvo for this transparency


Really ? Oh well, that explains it on Lexus Plus lol. I guess this whole model is a flop !


@aronchi Driving club subscriptions are different and let you drive various brands where as these subscriptions, either stick you with the same car or the same manufactures model line so this idea would never work out for these guys.


I can see these subscription services serving a small niche of people/cities. I can’t see it being very mainstream though.


I dont see them work out there even, cause they still restrict them to one brand. Unless they find people who are ultra loyal to brands


They are out there. My father-in-law won’t drive anything but a Caddy. Not sure about the millennial crowd though.