Lexus NX300 Lease

I have the MSRP of 42000. Sale Price 35000.

MF : 0.0005
RV : 52%

36months 12k miles

Sign and drive $410.

NJ tax included.

How does this look? I think I can do better but it looks like its the best I can do.

How much of that discount is rebates?

Not quite sure. that is the total sale price including the 1000 lease cash.

Do you have the lease worksheet or exact numbers? There’s no way the MSRP is exactly $42k.

From first glance, 14% off is pretty good. You can use 6 MSDs to lower your monthly even more.

lol its 42,105.

What is the package? Personally I think it’s a great deal. Do you mind sharing dealer info?

its pretty much a base NX. no NAV.