Lexus nx200t lease

Hey everyone,

I’ve been shopping a 2016 awd with navigation/premium packages to NJ dealers in my area. the best i have so far is

MSRP 44338
sell price 40334 (included 500 lease cash available)
residual 26602
inception 1438 (700 bank fee, 289 doc, 449 first month)
taxes in NJ would be 1250 or 35/month
mf; .00105
monthly payment 449/month or 484/mo with taxes rolled in.
does this look good?

does waiting a few days to November make sense?

I think your deal is not bad but you have margin to negotiate better and also take advantage of MSDs considering:

I am in FL. I leased (36mo/10K) in April a 45K MSRP NX for about $42K. However, I did 9 MSDs and rolled-in 3 year maintenance services (Lexus only includes the first one) and excess wear/tear coverage. I put $0 down other than my $4K MSD money and I am paying $435/month including taxes.

Excess wear/tear covers up to $7,500 for about $800 and I believe the Maintenance service coverage was about $500.

I think someone posted before that the MF should be .0009. But overall I think you can do better. Next month’s December to Remember should have complimentary first months payment

its a lease for my mother in law, her current lease ends by thanksgivings so i’m not sure i can wait till the december to remember events

December to remember is actually in November. Don’t ask me why. I guess because you have your car for December.

Can anyone confirm the incentives for the 2016 Lexus NX. I’m hearing $2,600 dealer cash and want to confirm that can be used on leases. Also if you have the MF and residual that would be greatly appreciated!