Lexus NX200t F Sport 36mo/10k lease

I’m working on a nx200t f sport lease for 36mo/10k, and so far I got a deal like this

MSRP: $46,902.00
Selling Price: $42,804.74
Window tint/Nitro/Door edge guard : $449.85

Term: 36 months
Annual Miles: 10000
Excess Mileage Charge: $0.20
Residual Value: 27,672.18
MF: .001 (They marked up the MF telling me they need to make some profit, the base for NC is .00070)

Customer Cash: $3,780.85
Rebate: $2,000 + $1,000(PGA certificate)
Acquisition Fee: $749.00
Cap Reduction Tax: +$153.99
DMV Fees: $89
Documentation Fee: $649

Monthly Payment: $449.99 including tax
Due at signing: $3,780.85 with MSDs of $3,600

I have no idea how they get this number, I got just over $300/mo from the lease calculator. I would appreciate any suggestions to make them give me the real number.

Honcker is showing the folowing for a similar priced NX200t F-Sport

MSRP : $47,177
10K Miles/36 Months
Due at Signing : $1,762 (First Month, Acquisition, DMV, Doc Fees for NJ)
Monthly $447 (Including NJ Tax of 6.875%)

NO MSD, NO PGA Rebates

@Krawling If you believe the baloney they’re feeding you then that’s your problem.

  1. For a $46,865 MSRP car, the invoice is $43,787. Using the formula I provided b4, the dealer’s profit is

(Sell price + Incentives + Holdback + Volume Discount) - (INVOICE)= Profit

$42804.74 + $3000.00 (rebate you put) + $938.04 + ~$800 to $500 - $43787 = $3755.78 to maybe $3255.78 Cash Profit.

Then the dealer also pockets the extra cash from your MF markup. So that’s an additional…you do the math.

Hi @chrispbacon Thanks for the numbers. I don’t believe the number they offered, I used a worksheet from LFS and got $275.61/mo including 3% tax, and about $4362.60 paid upfront for all fees($2,400 MSDs).

I’ve been negotiating for a while, should I just walk away and try another dealer? Thanks a lot!

I got an offer in writing on 2017 NXT Sport:
MSRP: $46,122
Discount: $6533 (including incentives/$2000 lease cash)
Acquisition: $795
Doc: $250 (Ohio)
MF: .0006
Residual: 58%
Term: 36/12K
Fees: $105 reg/title/plate

$469.32 with $0 out of pocket

$439.32 putting down 7 MSD’s ($3500)

Update: The $3,780.85 customer cash they gave actually means cash down.
I’m now discussing with another dealer, currently offering $4,500 off, no add-ons, and .00070 MF

Update: Worked with another dealer, get $386/mo including tax for a MSRP of $46,655, drive offs are $3,200 (MSD).
I put 8 MSDs since the dealer told me the max is 8 for base MF of 0.00070.
I’ll sign the lease next week.

Good deal. Mine would have been approximately $409 using the PGA certificate for 12k miles (additional $11-$15) with 7 MSD’s of $3150 and $0 down on a MSRP of $46,122. Decided on the RX instead.