Lexus NX200t, bad deal?

This is in Atlanta (full tax state), for 2017 NX200t. 3 year/10k miles. First time considering a lease, have always bought the car before, so this is new to me.

MSRP 43610
Discount 6000
GA TAVT: 2737.14
Tag/Title: 144
Dealer Service Charge: 599
Acq fee: 795
Total: 41,885.14

MF according to dealer is .0006

Zero down, $540/month.

Calculator link

Seems bad to me. I think the dealer service charge is bogus add-on, and shouldn’t MF be .0003?

That dealer charge is bogus.

The selling price is ok.

The MF I was offered by Lexus at Tier 1 was .0001 so if you have top credit you should get better MF.

In January aren’t they starting to only charge sales tax on payments in Georgia?

Only issue is the winter event might be over?

Discount is shown as 6000 but its actually not. It includes 2500 Lexus Lease cash as well… So push for another 2500 + another discount of 599. Consider putting 7 msd’s if mf is .0006. All this will bring you to 400 mark.

If you can wait till January then please wait. You will save another 1500+ in taxes + I guess discounts are going to be more. Inventory could be less which means you might have to compromise on colors and options.

Thanks for the advice. I thought the dealer charge was an add-on junk fee.

I read over on Edmunds that MF was .0003, so I will bring that up as well.

Yes, Georgia is losing sales tax on Jan 1st, but most of the Lexus rebates will be gone, don’t you think? Of course, then leasing a 2018 might be a better option if the 2017 rebates go away.

I think REBATES would be same or better. It has been 2500 from last 3 months. But inventory could be limited in January. If mf is .0003 then consider putting 3 msd’s.