Lexus Nx200t AWD - $400 a month

I am trying to make a deal on Lexus Nx200t. So far got to $400 a month on a 40k MSRP car in NY. I am from OH, but no dealership here can even come close to this number. If anyone has better quotes or know a dealership in a surrounding area to OH please let me know.

This is info i got:
MSRP/CRV: $36978.00
Selling Price: $34000

Monthly Payment excluding Tax: $347.35
Term: 36 months
Annual Miles: 12000
Excess Mileage Charge: $0.25
MSRP/CRV: $36978.00
Residual %: 59.0%
Residual Value: $21817.02
Lease Buyout: $21817.02
MF: .00080

First Payment: +$347.35
Cash Down: +$1250.00
Sales Tax: +$1000.37
Acquisition Fee: +$700.00
Cap Reduction Tax: +$162.00
DMV Fees: +$77.50
Documentation Fee: +$75.00
Due at Signing: =$3612.22 (-$1250 rebate)

Cash Due: = $3612.22 (-1250 rebate) = $2362.22

Try and get some quotes from dealers in hot Lexus markets. Baltimore is one of them. Then bring that to your local dealer and see if they’ll match. If not, take a train or plane to BMore and get your cheap NX200t!

I got my wife an RX350. None of the dealers local to me in St. Louis would give me anything reasonable. Ended up flying to Atlanta and driving back to get the best deal.

@gurnor28 you’re doing $1250 cap cost from what i can tell, try quoting with MSDs instead.

What @305Hackr said, MSD will help quite a bit on an already low MF (for Lexus)

Ran stuff through the calculator.

What is the rebate for?

If you put down max MSD ($3600 up front) you’d reduce your payment by $40 a month, or about $2500 total on your lease cost, you’ll get that full $3600 back at the end of the lease.

8% is fairly low discount. I’d push for 13-14% ($32,000), contact Nalley Lexus in ATL and see what they offer. They usually offer a big discount, but make up for it in high dealer fees. But you can take that emailed offer and send that to a few other dealers to see if they can come close. If you can get around $32k for it, you’d be sitting at around $300-310 a month for the NX. Not too bad.

I am working with a dealership in NY they said they dont do MSD’s. I will contact the guys in ATL. Thanks!

@gurnor28 i’ve heard the same about the state of NY not allowing MSDs. Since you are in OH you can just get it from another dealer/state that allows MSDs.

NJ pricing should be similar or even less than NY. Can do MSD and might even save you some time on the drive back to OH.

MSRP was wrong it is 40k… What you think of this deal now? I tried NJ and everywhere cant find anything in this range.

So now it’s $347 a month? Then I think that’s pretty good!

Yes comes out to $405 a month if you roll initial payment.

That would be an excellent deal – these Lexus SUVs move pretty fast (for some reason) so hard to get good deals

Lexus NX200t 36 mo. 12K $278 plus tax $850 out of pocket 9MSD
MSRP 39803. pp 33328 which included $3000 in rebates

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Where was this? Do you have residual and mf?

CT. Last minute May deal. AWD. MF .00008 AFTER 9MSD. Don’t have other number, but will get it. 59%. I appreciate all the help that this forum provided me, the least of which is the $1000 Lexus US Open rebate. I owe many beers because I did better than I could have on my own.


I think it worth to get rx350 base instead of NX loaded and pay $5000 more. Rx350 base has all driving assistant techs standard

Are blind spot monitoring or rear cross traffic alert considered driving assistant techs? Because those don’t come standard. Very useful though and I highly recommend getting those features.

These two (blind spot monitoring or rear cross traffic alert) are the only optional feature in RX350. Everything else is included(FORWARD-COLLISION WARNING, AUTOBRAKING, CITY SPEED, AUTOBRAKING HIGHWAY SPEED, LANE DEPARTURE WARNING, LANE DEPARTURE PREVENTION,REARVIEW CAMERA). However, all is optional in NX. Check details and compare with other brands in this page:

ANy more details would be helpful… Looking for similar deal around detroit + 300 miles area.