🏝 Lexus Lease Specials California ~ LEGENDS AUTO GROUP - The West Coast LH OG's

Done. Thanks

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Everyone should have been responded to, please reach out if we missed you

why don’t you just post your numbers?

Because I don’t want to



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Thanks for your input, we really appreciate it


Links have been sent, please reach out if we missed you!

Any deals for RX350 base with BSM only with $0 drive-off?

Yeah. Text me, 424-278-8216. Thanks.

Just got done sending links, let us know if we didn’t get to you

Text/email/PM responded to, please reach back out if we missed you

Late start to the day since we had a few deliveries. Everyone should have a link, contact us if we missed you.

Just sent everyone links!

Pricing has been enhanced on all models, RX/ES are REALLY good
Let’s get some Lexus on the road

All links sent.

I thought this would go without saying, but it’s been happening everyday, multiple times. PLEASE do not text us at 12AM-5AM in the morning.


Wow, are people seriously doing that? How inconsiderate.

Almost every day for the past couple of months :joy:

I hope you are not taking the on as clients and also setting a silent alert on your phone. 12AM-5AM is seriously rude.

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