Lexus is200 deals socal?

brokers offered 1500 down plus 277 plus tax.

any way to get this to $250?

over $30k car. it’s gonna be hard getting lower than that

Seems like a good deal for a Lexus. Personally though I would get a q50 instead.

yea q50 seems the way to go. crazy deals right now.

GTR sister engine and 40k car for 300 a month. Can’t beat that.

which q50 trim/engine is this? I’m in the same boat as OP, also have the s60 and TLX on my list.

mind my asking which broker? I’ve called SMG for quotes but never went through an actual deal with them.

I’ve been eyeing is200t leases as well, curious what the terms/MSRP were on the model you got numbers on.


Thats a pretty much the same deals we’re doing here at DSR

$279 +tax / $309 w/ tax
$1500 TOTAL due at signing
36 Month / 10k miles. If you qualify for military or graduate $1000 cash it will be better.

I have a few in Nebula Gray and Atomic Silver.

P Z2 Trunk Mat, Cargo Net, Whl Locks & Rear Bumper App
F EM Backup Camera

whats the msrp on that deal? adjustments for 15k miles? how much with 0 down?

MSRP is $38,959, payment goes to $345 @ 15k same drives or $384 with the minimum $595 down.