Lexus gs350 f sport price check

Thoughts on this deal?

Looks like you’re missing incentives. Have you checked Edmunds?

Updated it. I didn’t separate the rebates the first

Need a bigger discount. Check but I think simply doing one MSD saves you a few bucks/good return.

Assuming you want this over something like a 5 series?

How can dealer and acq fees be zero?

Some other inputs also look like the default placeholders so not sure they’re right

If I’m in your shoes, I’m pushing for a double digit discount before incentives. Especially since Lexus is scrapping this model double quick time. @LeaserOC brings up a good point - what about a 540?

-Dealer said they are considered a “Lexus plus” dealership and they don’t charge dealer fees.

-I’d consider a 540 but I have an IS and I wanted use the loyalty. My lease is up Dec and Im a little worried that there won’t be many GS at that since it is discontinued. How much would a 540 be?

-I’m in Miami btw

you still need discount to be 12-13% to make it a good deal.

The monthly will be about $50 less per month, assuming at least a 12% off pre-incentive discount. About $2k due at signing (to cover first month + fees) with refundable MSDs (to reduce the MF and monthly). I am also assuming a 36 month/10k mile lease.

Ok but acq is still charged by the bank