Lexus GS350 F Port Review

Hi folks, I’m being offered this deal in Massachusetts:
MSRP: 60030
Adjusted Price:52030
Doc fee: 495
Acqui Fee: 795
Tax: 250
Non Tax Fees 75
Net price 53650.18

48mos/10K miles
MF: 0.00120

~689/mo no down.
MSDs are not possible.
This sounds like a good selling price but the payment isn’t within the “1% rule.” What do you folks think about this?

That low RV will prevent a good deal. Why are doing 48 months and why do you say MSDs aren’t possible?

That’s a terrible residual - why 48 months?

Yeah Im curious about why MSDs arent possible either.
If its the dealer that wont do it, then walk away and find another.
If you just dont want to do them, then ok.

Either way though, that RV will be a problem no matter what and you wont get a really good deal anywhere.
(assuming thats the correct RV)

Capital H Horrible. Find another dealer. I leased this same car back in 2013 w/ IIRC a 64% residual. 36/12k and approx. $2k towards cap and drive-off’s; in addition to max 9 MSD’s which LFS allows. Can’t remember the MF exactly, but payments were $480 after taxes. Tier 1 credit 790 score. My dealer was JM Lexus here in South Florida.

Yeah, we ended up frustrated with lease deals in general. In this case it seems that the MF quoted was a special deal rate, and MSDs had to be applied to the higher “normal” rate, and thus have no benefit to me.

The 48 month came out of the numbers game; the payment would have been even more for 3/36.

We really couldn’t find any decent lease deals on cars we wanted – BMW killed MSDS, Volvo wants to hang on to S90s by the dozen until who knows when and so we figured it would be better to just purchase a Lexus and hang on to it for a long time.