Lexus ES 350, this is my first response I got for numbers

So I did my research and asked for the numbers I think are required. Comparing to other deals I see here these numbers are huge. I can’t figure out how to match it on lease calc. I end up around 500ish. I asked for 0 down, taxes 7% in OH.

Here is their response "Please see attached equipment sheet and lease quote as requested. The MSRP is $47,433, the TrueCar discount on this vehicle is $949, factory incentive is $2750, the MF is .00025 for tier 1+ credit, adjusted residual is 52%, and the fees are $398. "

Attached memo

Discount 3699
Selling price 43734
Monthly 646.53
First month 646
Fee 398
Down payment 1508.6
Upfront sales tax 17.50
Total due 2750.

In trade in column they have rebate for 2750(i have no trade in) so not sure what they mean. If they are contradicting theirself or what.

That is awful, find another dealer


I agree but its like how do I open then? I just said hey I’m interested in this model, stock xxx. Can you tell me the best discount before incentives/rebates are? Also if possible these numbers…and I list mf, residual, etc.

Do I even bother responding to this?

Did you expect them to give you a unicorn deal from the start?
You now have a conversation going. Thank them for the quote then reply with a detailed deal you want and see if they can do it.
Go line by line
Stock #
Dealer discount (go for at least 10%
Incentives $4k + first month (verify incentives on Edmunds)
MF, RV etc

Post her if you want before emailing.
You can get the numbers from the excel files the brokers have here. Just verify the incentives are the same in your area.

I posted the stock and msrp above.

The refence from brokers here I have 4k lease credit. MF at .00015, drive off 2k, thats around 400 a month.52% residual same from quote and research.

Her list says MSP 47, 433, discount 3699, selling price 43734. 7.8% discount. How do I know if thats with incentives or before?

Post the deal sheet they sent you, then the hackr’s can dissect it


This deal needs another 3-4k off. I would also look into a 39-42 month lease. You can always trade out. Lexus holds it’s value accordingly to the residual, and is not over inflated by 18%-20% like BMW.

I’m going to guess that her saying “The MSRP is $47,433, the TrueCar discount on this vehicle is $949, factory incentive is $2750” means that that $3699 includes the factory incentive. It adds up correctly.

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Need to plug it into the calculator or ask for a real lease sheet and not this bs customer sheet that doesn’t give all the details.

So I want to negotiate the price down before the true car discount and factory incentive, correct?

I also asked for a more detailed sheet.

She said they don’t have any other more detailed lease sheets(lol) and would like to know any other numbers she can provide.

Ask her for the phone number of a dealer that actually wants to do business?

But seriously, what you need to do is verify the incentives you qualify for independently, then approach the dealer with a pre-incentive discount price. You’re looking to negotiate the dealer discount and then stack factory incentives from there.

The truecar thing isn’t a real incentive, it’s the dealer discount that they’re referring to it’d seem. I’d disregard it all together.


Thanks. I posted on edmunds looking for incentives in my area. Waiting for reply.

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Be sure to get RV/MF while you’re at it.

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I wrote out what you need to do above. You email the dealer with a detailed quote and ask if they can do it. No point going back and forth otherwise.

Do not go for 39-42, yes the payments are lower but what he needs is a good dealer discount not a longer term.

What’s wrong with 42 months?

What isn’t? More wear and tear. You want to pay for tires?
Your goal should be to decrease the payment with a bigger dealer discount not term.