Lexus does not allow MSDs in NY. Buying in NJ or PA worth it?

Hello Can i get the lease numbers
2017 Gx460
13066 NY
Also, I would like to use MSDs but seems like they are not allowed in NY. If I lease car from NJ or PA, would I lose incentives like complimentary oil changes that dealers provide for cars they sold? Thanks!

yes worth it in most cases unless interest rate is already near zero. There’s no complimentary maintenance for Lexus as far as I know so I wouldn’t make that a determining factor.


Yes it is worth it for the savings if you don’t have to drive crazy hours to get to PA or NJ

Do you think lexus will keep lease cash insentive after October 2? I will be able to drive to NJ or PA to pick up lease next week

@radiologym you could always run credit application/do paperwork now and pick up next week if you don’t want to take the risk.

Ray catena lexus in nj told me they cant do msd because i was going to register in NY.

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Most Cases, you will have to go further than NJ as they know NY and won’t let you do it. No clue if its a Lexus rule or not.

@nyclife prob knows what he’s talking about since he’s a broker from the region

Ray Catena does complimentary maintenance up to 20K miles. 4 oil changes.

I can confirm @nyclife’s comment. I called a few Jersey dealers and they would not allow it because it would be registered in NY. From what I’ve heard, its seem to be a NYS thing as I never came across MSDs being an option for any brand.

This older thread muddies the waters: Multiple Security Deposits (MSD) in New York?

Oh wow. That’s interesting. Maybe all you need is some confidence and you can do it?

I see it on Lexus website. They put that you can’t do MSDs in NY, no other state was listed