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Hi Sam,
Please just give me a call Monday. It’s not that straight forward.


Im currently in a lease with a 2018 VW Tiguan SEL $325.00 a month but am very interested in

NX 300 F Sport AWD
Ultra White/Artic White Interior
Comfort Package & Navi (Car Play)
Sirius XM Radio
Panaromic View Monitor
Tax in payment

RX 350 AWD
Night Fall Mica/Birch Nuxe
Tax in payment

The bigger issue is getting out of your current lease. If and when you’re free of it, let me know and I can certainly help you. Swapalease and leasetrader are the most well known. If you want to take a big hit, you can try Carvana or Vroom to buy out your lease. Buying out the lease is almost always a big losing proposition tho.

that UX hybrid deal is sick

hoping these are around in june

Do you have Lexus is 300 F SPORT AWD available with 15,000 miles/year for finance?

Mileage is up to you. 7500, 10k, 12k or 15k.

In the calculator, you can change the mileage and it automatically adjusts the residual value up or down. You’ll see the payment change accordingly.

May Program is up. Not as strong as last month, but still some very good deals especially on the NX and IS.

Quick update:

  • Extra $500 lease credit for Lexus Loyalty!
  • Some bads new on the RX350 front. Corporate just told dealers there will be no more new inventory of RX350 base and Fsports until Aug. One dealer told me no broker deals at all for them. Another dealer told me only $1000 below invoice. If you want a RX350, the only decent discount will be on an RX350L.
  • Lastly, just signed up a new dealer who will do out of region deals!

Are you able to lease out to NC? Can pick up in person

Yes, out of region is ok. Transport down to NC is probably $500-600 if you don’t want to pick it up.

What kind of deals closer to$400?

Could you be more specific? About half the cars on the spreadsheet are below $400 monthly.

Btw, we have a NJ dealer now who can do MSD’s. Although most of the models have such low MF’s that it doesn’t even matter.

Sorry, looking for an suv closer to $400. Have a Highlander now, but my
Lease is up and I don’t want another one. It is a great car, but big-and I used the third row 1 time. I know there are a lot of great deals to be had

Looking at NX fsport white with red interior. Can make a deal ASAP

Hi Vlien. Please just contact me directly or PM me. Thanks.

Looking for the UX250h F sport or UX200
exterior Black interior doesn’t matter much
zip 11222
Non loyalty but first responder and recent graduate
trying to Lease ASAP !!

I’m looking for a Lexus NX 300h. I prefer black, white or grey with dark interior. Looking for 36 months, 12k miles (10k miles would be ok too) and I’m located in 06612- CT.

Hi Kerry,
I’ll PM you some options.

Hi All,
If you could just keep general discussions about Lexus to this thread and PM directly for quotes, that’s generally how the moderators would like things to be.


More lease cash on ES, UX, RXL, GX, LS, and LX models. Inventory is tight so get them while you can.

When requesting a quote, please make sure to include the following. Really saves you and me time if you just tell us upfront all the info we need:

  • Your name please:
  • Model(s) you are interested in:
  • Color/options preference:
  • Zip code:
  • Miles needed:
  • Loyalty or Conquest :
  • Any other incentive you may qualify for:
  • Timeframe for leasing (please don’t ask for a quote for a deal a future month):

TEXTING ME IS BEST - (201) 834-6654

I always strive to be professional. Expect more from your brokers. Apologies to those who I couldn’t squeeze in last month, it was just madness.

Looking for a base GX, are those available?