Lexus 350 with luxury package

Best dealers in Northern CA to lease a 2016-17 Lexus RX350?

Call Roubie at Beverly Hills Lexus. HUGE deals. RX350 MSRP $53k for $462 a month. Just drive offs and MSD’s. 424 832 9906

Say Ed Churchward sent you.

Was this for a 2016 or 2017?

17, also go to the LA auto show and get a $1000 voucher from the Lexus stand

I’ll be in Las Vegas for the week. If you happen to get an extra voucher that would be appreciated. I might stop at the Motor Trend Auto show and see if they’re giving out any voucher’s here in town. Thanks for the tips.

Unfortunately you have to give all your details and they email you.

either; need NORCAL dealers offering best lease on RX350

Hey @Ed_Churchward - what is the $1000 voucher? Can I get it from the San Diego Auto Show if I go there at the end of this month? Does it go on top of the deal? Is there anywhere to get it other than the auto show?

It just acts a an additional rebate, it even says negotiate your best deal and then tell the dealer about your voucher. They just type your details into an iPad. Not sure if it will be at other auto shows.

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