Lexus 2019 ES 350 Offer Opinion


I am new to leasing and was wondering what you all thought about the Lexus Golden Opportunity that expires on 9/3. Is this a good lease? The salesman is pressuring me to take it instead of waiting for the December to Remember since the 2019 models may be limited during that time and the 2020 models will be way more expensive. Thanks!

$379 per month
36 months
$3999 due at signing
10k miles per year
Offer based on MSRP $40,765
Offer includes $2750 Lease Cash Incentive applied as Cap Cost Reduction
Complimentary first month payment up to $700 or 1st month lease whichever is less

2019 inventory will be lower in December than it is now, but he’s pressuring you to lease it now because it’s in his best interest to close the sale ASAP.

But do you think this a good lease? or is it overpriced? Thanks.

Did you negotiate any? It looks mediocre.

I did not negotiate as he said this is a national offer that is already heavily discounted and he cannot do any better than this as it is an amazing deal.

Nearly an effect $500 pmt on a base ES doesn’t seem good to me.

And as you said this is the national offer, is this all in including tax, fees etc?

And you believed him?
I suggest you talk to a broker and get your car through a broker otherwise you will be taken for a ride.

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$4K DAS?! Run

Sales guy sounds like a lying dirtbag. Perhaps you should wait for the April to Draipril.

Excludes official fees, taxes and dealer charges.

This is terrible then

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This is a bad deal, I just leased a 2019 with premium, nav, and a few other things msrp 47808 took 13% off before the 2750. I am in VA so the tax is a bear with leases but still ended up around 430 with 1800 in state and dmv fees. Lexus also paid first payment.

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