Lemon law California - XS wear warranty

Location: CA
Car: BOLT EV 2021
Covered under lemon law.
Bought in May, opened case in September, finally got numbers today
Bought XS wear warranty for 1199 for 3 years.

Is that refundable? GM is trying not to refund it. I would like to refund it.

has anyone have any luck with it? Thanks,

Going through the same thing with Hyundai. You should contact your dealer, they can likely refund it after you have completed the buy-back and your account with Chevy shows paid in full.

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What does the warranty contract say about cancellations? Is it a third party, or is it actually GM Financial itself?

In CA, these are refundable/cancellable at any time, typically minus some admin fee, incurred costs and pro-rated over the remaining duration. Check the contract - it should tell you exactly what you can do. Or if you can share the cancellation section, others can opine.

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I think you both are right. This can be refunded by the dealer once the buyback is complete.

Read your Fine Print, mine says you have to send in a letter to the dealer, not verbal.

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Everything is refundable with enough effort. Doubly so in the people’s republic of California.

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I spoke to the dealership. They said once the buyout is complete, I can apply for a refund. It will be prorated or something.

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