Leasing used/certified vehicles

I found a used IS300 that is L-Certified at my local dealership. MSRP around 28k.
They said that they do lease L-Certified vehicles. It seems like a great idea, because its
much cheaper but still low mileage. Are there any drawbacks to leasing this kind of
vehicle? For example, will I lose “lease cash”, or have extremely low residual values? Or other
things that make it not such a good deal?

Anything else I should know before I start emailing with the salesperson?


Used cars are terrible things to lease. Your RV sucks, you don’t get any ‘lease cash’ and your MF is probably through the roof.

Unless you are leasing a 100k used car for $200/month 0 DAS, why would you?

I concur. Typically leasing a used car is much worse. You should be looking for a “demo” “loaner” that still qualifies for all the same programs as a new car.

Perfect. Thanks gang.

Why don’t you get some numbers instead of discussing hypotheticals?


I’m not discussing hypotheticals, I specifically asked for issues surrounding leasing L certified vehicles, like whether or not i lose lease cash and other incentives. Which other people just answered for me.

None of that was actual information. It’s the internet’s conventional wisdom, which sometimes turns out to be wrong.

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As I said in my post if a $100k car is going for $200 / Month and $0 DAS, I would get it.
What was the numbers he was running for you? If you got any.

Does it matter? Is it better if it’s a bad deal but includes incentives than if it’s a good deal without incentives? Typically used lease are very poor deals, but the only way to know for sure is to get some numbers in front of you.

I see what you guys are saying. Thanks everyone.

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