Leasing two new Audi SUVs...good deal?


My wife and I are getting leasing two new cars, 2019 Q5 Premium plus and 2019 SQ5 Prestige…is it a good deal?

2019 Q5 P+, cold weather package, cargo cover and Audi beam rings.

Lease term: 39 months / 12000 miles w/ Audi care
MSRP: 51295.00
Selling price: 43600.75
MF: 0.00031
Residual: 50%
Monthly: 554.45 incl tax
DAS: 575.97

2019 SQ5 Prestige, S Sport package, Black optic package, cold and warm weather package, incl options ( cargo cover, guard cargo mat, Audi beam rings, carbon atlas inlay, first aid and trailer hitch)

Lease term: 39 months / 12000 miles w/ Audi care
MSRP: 69010.00
Selling price: 61418.90
MF: 0.00024
Residual: 51%
Monthly: 745 incl tax
DAS: 790.00

For both I am getting 8.1 score…looks reasonable to me.

Thanks in advance.

The leasehackr score is not a useful number. Ignore it. You need to instead compare these against similar leases. Fortunately, this is a great source of these deals to compare against.

What I don’t see on either of these deals is a break down of incentives.

Looks normal-ish. If you’ll scale back to P+on the S you could likely save a bit via the higher RV.

Also consider MSDs although I get that it’s a chunk of cabbage to max out two leases.

Good luck. I think there’s still some meat on this bone but not a whole meal.


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Agree with @anon92897398 that there may still be some in room in the SQ deal. I just signed for an SQ5 P+ ($61.4 MSRP) in SoCal at slightly over 9k off MSRP before the $750 rebate and base MF. That’s 14.8% off vs. your ~11%. I had a relatively easy time negotiating to 13% pre-rebate. The last bit took some effort.

In addition to the residual hit with the Prestige noted by @anon92897398, scaling back to the P+ may also have improved my leverage–there are probably 10 P+es out here for every one Prestige. I do miss the power tilt steering wheel though :slight_smile:.

Your Q5 deal looks better, at least from my one-off experience here in CA. We had the dealer price one out for comparison’s sake–same discount percentage as your offer. There’s a glut of inventory our here on the Qs but a lower residual and higher MF meant that the SQ was only about $50/month more.

We opted for 36 months so we wouldn’t have to reregister the car for year 4, which would have cost more than the ~$10/month savings in the 39 month program. Sales folks across multiple dealers minimized this concern by noting that that Audi almost always offers a 3 month pull-ahead. Just not ready to commit to another Audi three years from now.

Wherever you end up from here, you’re gonna love the SQ. We’ve burned through a bit too much of our mileage allowance these past two days just driving the car for the sheer enjoyment of it.

Good luck!

If you lease 2, make sure you apply the loyalty incentive to the 2nd lease.

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Dealer worksheet shows $1250 in rebates.

Thank you all for the insight. SQ5 inventory is pretty limited in my area and really there is only one Prestige available. I am going to ask them about SQ5 P+ for comparison. And good point about 4th year registration cost and want to find out if dealer will do 36 months.