Leasing to get $7500 rebate

Hi, i’m in the market for a plugin hybrid. Possibly full electric if there is a smoking enough deal, but I lean towards PHEV. My driving pattern is such that I can maximize the amount of miles driven on a PHEV battery, and aside from that I really like the technology. The problem is that I don’t qualify for the tax credit when purchasing. I know in many cases you can still get the rebate through leasing, but I have always been one to prefer buying.
However, $7500 is warming me up to the idea of leasing. I also like the idea of trying it before buying it, especially with an EV. My question is, if I lease a car and really like it, what pitfalls/hurdles are there to buying the car afterwards. Can you do it mid lease? Wait til the lease expires?

By the way any brokers who have suggestions or deals feel free to PM me. Looking for a midsize SUV. Didn’t like the Ariya when I test drove it. It’s a bit small and I want something a tad nicer to drive. Also-- I envy you folks in Colorado. I live in NC which seems to be a bad place for good deals. Sigh.

Except for the Mazda CX-90 most PHEV’s are really expensive even after the rebate.

So if you need a ‘hybrid’ car, you might just want to look at a non PHEV or look at an EV directly. (Since you said the Ariya is small, the Prius Prime won’t cut it). Maybe look at a Rav 4 Prime?

Yeah PHEVs are kinda pricey, but the rebate puts them on more or less even footing with gas counterparts. The Lyriq was quite a nice car when I test drove it, but not qualifying for the conquest rebate makes it a lukewarm deal at best, at least in my neck of the woods. That and I still haven’t forgiven GM for the 80s and 90s cars I suffered through in my childhood.
I am looking at a CX90 and XC60 later this week, though I don’t see great Volvo incentives in my area. Thanks for the suggestion on a RAV4 prime, i’ll read up on them.

There is also the Mitsubishi Outlander, but with Mitsu’s reliability, I’m not sure I would wish that on someone.

You can lease, take advantage of all lease incentives and then buy out within a month.

Almost none of the PHEVs are good leases for carrying to term. Making all the payments would put you seriously behind where you’d be if you’d bought it out within a month. In descending order your value retention will be best with Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai and Kia generally speaking.

Honestly any Volvo XC series is going to take a bit of a learning curve, I have the XC40 and it’s UI is really dumbed down to the point of starting the car is sitting in it (and getting out shuts it off) and the TPMS doesn’t show a number, just a green / brown circle.