Leasing newb trying to figure out if this is a good deal on an Alfa Romeo

Car is 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Sport. Location is Northern California. This is how the dealer broke it down for me:

MSRP: $48950
Selling Price: $44700
Rebate: $2750
Government Fee: $411.55
Prod/Doc Fee: $116.00
Capatilized Taxes: $0.00
Gross Cap Cost: $44,699.99
Cash Cap Reduction: $2500
Cap Cost Reduction: $3161.98
Adjusted Cap Cost: $41538.01
Paid by Customer: $2500

36/15k - 2500 down - $610.55/month before tax.

They didn’t share MF (I have excellent credit but they haven’t pulled it yet). Something doesn’t add up to me. I’ve seen others on here with much lower monthly payments.

No, run away asap.

Are they getting me with the hidden MF or is it just not enough off the MSRP?

A $49k sedan should not cost more than $500/month with nothing due at singing. This is insane.

Tha said, Alfa deals seem to have dried up in the past two months, so you’ll pay a ridiculous premium to drive one over other brands. But still, this quote is so horrendous, I’d just say no thanks and go to another dealer.

Got them down to $595/month with tax,
so dropped almost $100/month with less down and 24/15k instead of 36/15. $1500 DAS. I know it’s not the 1%, but for a Giulia in the current market I feel like it’s pretty good. Thoughts?

That’s nuts. Just save $100-125 a month and get an A4 quattro. A Giulia is not worth that much more. I didn’t realize the leases on this were so bad lately. In August you could get really nice Giulias for zilch down in the $400s.

this is not good neither, even not close to “good”.

Your discount off MSRP is too low to get to the level of other deals. You’re also going for 15k miles which will bump up the price. Even with the max level of discount you’ll still be paying $500p/m at the current rates with 15k miles.

For reference - I had a deal lined up for a 49,640 MSRP Giulia

1350 DAS

This was for 24/10

For 24/15 this would be (roughly)
1350 DAS

People have to remember a lot of deals quoted on here are at 10k and not 15k. That being said - yes Alfa Romeos are leasing badly now.

Oh crap - I just noticed that incentives increased by 1000 yesterday as well.

Terrible deal. You should talk to other dealers but also let this dealer know that incentives increased 1000 since yesterday.

What’s the new incentive? It went up extra $1000 from $2750 so total of $3750?

residuals dropped in September so the its harder to get a deal. But in August I got mine for $478/mo 0 DAS. 48k MSRP. Your deal is touching $700

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