Leasing in CA and driving in TX - Question about registration and taxes

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Folks - I’m leasing a BMW in CA and registering and paying taxes in CA. If I need to move to TX and drive the car in TX, do I need to pay taxes and registration again?

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I stand corrected…

Texas law imposes a $90 new resident tax upon any
motor vehicle purchased outside Texas and brought
into Texas by a new resident when the motor vehicle
was previously registered in the new resident’s name
in another state or foreign country, or leased by the
new resident in another state or foreign country prior
to entering Texas. The lessor must have purchased the
motor vehicle out of state.

But . If you like leasing keep your CA license. When I moved to TX from CA for 5 years or so, I kept my license and cars registered in CA, provided I had family in CA still. Was much easier to find deals in CA and ship to TX than to find steals in TX.

This has been discussed before and you can google it too. IIRC there is a provision in TX that new residents don’t have to pay tax when moving there.

Obviously you’ll have to pay reg and get plates but those are cheap in TX afaik.

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