Leasing high performance cars NE region

Any recommendations on which ride you guys pick as a daily but also fast and fun when needed? NE winter literally eliminated RWD ones because of the hills/snow. Need help. I’m debating between new S60 T8 hybrid, Giulia Ti or Genesis G70. It’s killing me

What’s your price range? M3, M5, C43 C63 come to mind.

The Alfa will lease the best of those three options. There are some brokers/dealers on here that can help track one down in your neck of the woods.

All AWD.
C43 AMG - 600/month.
E63 AMG -1200/month.
BMW m240xi,
BMW M550xi - 1000/month.
GTR - lease is even worse then the others, don’t bother.
Impreza STI?
Infinity Q50 red sport - 500/month.

I also considered the CTS or other mid spec Cadillac’s as you can get the 3.8l (?) in awd.

Prices are rough, they go up and down, depend on the details.

The real answer is to get the car you want and put snow tires on it. Any of the cars mentioned so far really should have winter tires put on them anyway because the summer tires turn to bricks in the cold and it just about doubles the stopping distance, even on dry pavement.

You can also score dome good deals on RWD inventory sometimes at this time of year because the dealerships hate having to manage it. You can imagine that cleaning the snow off and moving a fleet of unsold chargers/challengers, for example, isn’t fun and is prone to accidents.


Thanks! Monthly budget is around 600-700s, and I know for sure it should be a midsize at most if not compact only.
The Giulia handles the best in reality but coming as a previous E92 335x owner, performance is a slight letdown;
The new C43 Quad exhaust really looks amazing (and its interior). Genesis G70 was my ideal with complimentary services, fast acceleration until I saw the new S60, which also looks great, I know handling wise it will mostly lag behind and it’s coming out of the all new SC plant, so IDK. Also, I have a G80 (lease ending in a few months) so thinking about change a brand.
I’ve owned XF so I’d skip the XE-S. S4 is fast, well-rounded and AWD. But there’s an A8 4.0T sitting in the garage now, so really don’t know. I’m dying.:tired_face:

FYI, I know probably I should have posted this somewhere else, but just want to share with you guys. My G80 lease back in 2016 (back then was still part of Hyundai) 3.8 AWD 36/15K, MSRP was like ~54000 (dealer added an additional tire and service package), I put 2500 down which included TTL + 1st payment, my monthly is 429. What do you guys think because I haven’t seen anywhere beating this deal. Car was brand new.

q50/q60 red sport might be your best bang for your buck. Not sure how they actually handle in the snow. X4m40i is a really fun car you can get under $600, if you haven’t driven one I’d recommend giving it a go, very underrated.

X4m40i under 600?
18 or 19?

Yeah, I can’t wait to shell out $~800/month for C43 Coupe once they hit the dealerships (wish I could get a hacker deal on a Merc coupe some day :frowning:)

if you find a dealership blowing out a demo, 15% off msrp, lease loyalty/lease credit should be right below $600. 20ish% off 5,000-7,499miles, 25% off 7,500 miles+.