Leasing BMW i3 tomorrow - is this best I can do?

Current i3 lease ending in December
USAA member
Planning to use MSD’s
90254 zip code

Looks like it’s 12% off MSRP.

Anything I’m missing?

My #1 goal is lowest total cost/month leased.

Would it be better to do a 30 or 36 month lease?

Don’t you need 30 months for CVRP?

I don’t qualify for CRVP so it’s a non starter for me this time around.

Run the numbers on 30 and 36 months. Factor in tires if necessary

Great call.

I do qualify for the SCE $1000 rebate.

Based on what I see this seems like a great deal. Trying to see what I could be missing before I pull the trigger

I cannot get the lease hackr calculator to lineup anywhere close to the numbers they gave. In this instance it looks much better than the leasehackr calc but I can confirm.

I have asked dealership to also quote 30 and 36 month lease

Since you don’t qualify for CVRP, 24mo would be your best option. You divide up all incentives by the fewest number of months for the greatest discount per month.

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It seems like 36 months is the best value??? What am I missing here?

On leasehackr calculator

-36 month

You don’t have the residuals or MF correct on the calculator. I played with it a little bit to get closer to the numbers in the OP. Doesn’t match up exactly but you get the idea




Waive acquisition fee for MF bump?

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Which dealer in SoCal gives the steepest discount off MSRP? I read in another thread here someone managed to get 15% discount in SoCal.

I haven’t gotten anyway to go below 12%. Fingers crossed one exists!

did you pull the trigger? and wonder which Dealer or broker you worked with. Thank you

Does anyone have 2019 i3 S BEV 15K/ 30 MF and RV?
I am getting 11% off MSRP it looks like. Want to confirm their story.

I’d say try for 1% better on the discount especially if the MF has a point markup (.0004) from buy rate (.00128) but dealers are definitely clamping down on the discounts with the incentive bumped up. :expressionless:

30/15 RV should be 58% if new.

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I used a reverse calculator and I arrive at the 58% but I can’t figure out the MF and I think they are marking it up (should be 0.00128 and I am doing 7 MSDs so 0.00093).

Thank you for your help.

Post up a lease sheet and one of our helpful/friendly hackr’s can help decipher it.

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