Leasing and returning infiniti in different state

Was considering a lease on an Infiniti and was wondering if I plan on moving to a different state in 2 years or so (on a 3+ year lease), am I able to return it to another dealer in a different state? Would there be extra costs?

Thanks for all your help!

You can return the lease to any Infiniti dealer without an issue

You can return the car to any dealer in any state. Just make sure you call them up first and make sure they are aware of it. The leasing company should also be notified on where you plan on dropping off the car. I returned my Mercedes to a local dealer even though I bought it out of state. No worries. Of course they kept asking why I didn’t buy from them.

like the other responses. No issue returning a lease to a different state but if you move to a different state, there are different tax rules with leases.

also depending upon car there may be an issue with emissions. Check with the state you are taking the car to and see if your car is up to their standards, otherwise you will not be able to register your car there.

You should be able to return to any dealer but good luck trying to find a dealer (who you didn’t buy from) that is willing to accept the car. They generally don’t want the hassle of taking the car and leaving it on their lot until the bank comes and gets it (they don’t get paid for it), so they will mostly BS you and tell you their lot is full or give you some other cockameme story.

Happened to me several times, until I called the finance bank and had to call them to convince them.

They will not like to take it back, ESPECIALLY if you’re not buying/leasing another car with them.

the dealer is obligated by the Car company unless you are referring to non auto maker leases like through a bank or something.