Leasing an EV / Audi etron - SoCal

I am blown away by all of your deals.
I’m looking to lease a new car in the summer of 2022 when my Land Rover Velar lease expires. Never leased an EV before and I don’t know what I can expect for rebates or incentives. I know people were getting amazing deals last year in 2020 but I’m not finding anything now.
Trying to get an idea where pricing is currently and what is the best case scenario deal I can work towards since my timing is a bit flexible.
Ideally 36m term
10-12k a year
Zip is 90068
I do extra security deposits or any other tricks that are recommended. Also have both USAA & Costco current.

There is no reason for you to be looking at this currently if you have until the summer of 2022. Things are in heavy flux right now. To highlight that, I got an E-tron in March of this year. If I went out today and tried to get the same E-tron, I would likely pay $15-18k more than what I paid due to the change in incentives and discount amounts. Pricing right now is not somewhere you want to even bother looking at.

Since you have a lot of time, I’d recommend getting yourself a PenFed account, as they often have substantial Audi incentives when the costco options aren’t available. Takes something like 60 days to be valid, so it’s good one to start now and wait on. From there, if you’re set on an E-tron, sit back and wait. Perhaps in the spring when things calm down a bit we’ll see a return of at least some of the good deals on the e-tron, especially once the Q4 hits the market and the details of the 2023 e-tron get flushed out.


You could also just hang around here and get used to the math – help other people if you are good at that so when it is your turn, you will have a good feel on how to work out the numbers

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Thank you both. I always thought I was good with my leases, but I usually do end up putting a chunk down in order to get a reasonable payment. Seems with the EV’s and my being more open to different models, there may be an opportunity to do better. Although I know the market is crazy right now, and what I have read says that the car market will continue to struggle with production for 1.5 years more… so I’m really try to gage what the current rates look like so I can plan accordingly.

I feel like Land Rover is going to screw me when my lease is over, as I’ll likely be over mileage. It was a lemon but I settled with them for a good chunk, so I think they are probably done helping me out if I don’t want to stay with the brand. In the past I have either bought the car or at least stayed with the brand when the lease term expired…

By all means, keep an eye on the market, but I would set your default state to wait. Unless something jumps up that’s an amazing deal because the incentive stars alligned, there isn’t much at the moment that is compelling enough to justify jumping in head first. You also have a lot more EVs coming to market in the near future that will change the landscape.

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Just like how the 4xe was 2 months ago.

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It happens and it doesn’t hurt to make sure you’re aware/able to jump on it if it makes sense.

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There are threads here on selling to a third party before your lease ends. That gets you out of paying for the extra miles as well as the dispo fee.

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