Leasing across state lines without address proof?

I currently reside in MN. I have a MN license. I’ll be moving to CA on 11/15. I have signed a lease for a house in CA starting from 11/15.

I am planning on selling my car here locally in MN before moving. I would like to lease a car in CA. I found a car in NV but there are some incentives on it that are expiring by 11/4.

So here are my goals:

  1. Lease car by 11/4 to get the incentives. I am willing to sign remotely or fly to sign/pick-up.
  2. Register the car to my CA address upon signing so that I don’t have to deal with moving the registration again

I understand this is a very tricky situation so I would appreciate any help and advice. What problems am I likely to run into?

I have a feeling it would be so much easier if you just move your signed lease date two days up.

Is it not possible at all?

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Unfortunately with California rents, moving up the lease might negate the savings of getting the incentives on the car. :frowning:

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Issues - The dealer won’t sell out of state lease if they have never done it before. Vehicle will need smog check.

Why don’t you just drive your current car to CA?


A few things:

  • pretty sure you’ll need a CA driver’s license (and as proof of residency) in order to register a car in CA
  • what car is this? Is it 50-state emissions compliant? If not, it’ll need 7500 miles on it before it can be registered in CA.
  • will the dealer sell out-of-state and deal with registration for you, or are you on your own?

Edit: some steps from prior posts for reference


Don’t need a CA license. Any state license and proof of CA residency (lease) is sufficient to register the car in CA.

Looks I will just need to wait until the start of my lease to get the car.

Cool… let us know how it goes!

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