Leasing a new SUV

Hi everyone, first of all I’m really glad I came across this site as leasing has always been really confusing for me before I read all the breakdowns on this site.

I currently am leasing a 13’ Tiguan, and the lease expires in 3 months. I’m actually well below the 36,000 mile limit (29,000) as my wife didn’t drive the car much. I’ve seen offers for early lease termination but is that a route I should just skip?

I’m located in Vegas (89139) and looking into leasing a bigger SUV ( 3 year/36,000), preferably one with a 3rd role but not required. I’ve been considering the Journey, Sorento, Flex and Equinox. I know they vary in prices quite a bit depending on trim but my main goal is to find a trim the wife wants (leather, Nav) and keep the monthly under $300. Any suggestions?

$300 is a reasonable number for all the models you are considering. As for as early termination goes, Is Volkswagen offering early termination or the other brands you are considering offering a pullback?

It would be other brands I’m looking at, in this case Dodge/Ford. I was not planning on an early termination, but when i was browsing, the salesperson mentioned it’s an option. It’s definitely not something I’d consider if it’s just one of those situations where they work the remaining 3 payments I have into a new lease. I figured I’d get some input since I have no experience with that.


if it’s a good deal overall(including the terminated 3 payments), there is nothing wrong with terminating your lease early.

There is always some confusion when referring to a lease pull ahead. Any dealer will gladly add your last few existing lease payments into the new lease they sell you. Sometimes, however, manufacturers offer incentives that pay this, just like a rebate. That would be the best offer to utilize, as it would be an added incentive and truly would not come out of your pocket. As we all know, lease incentives are incredibly difficult to research, so this type of offer is a huge YMMV. It seems to me that most of the time, the manufacturer will offer it to an existing customer to “upgrade early”, like from a 2013 Escalade to a 2016 Escalade.

Thanks for the responses Senjey & adamcar.

I’m doing initial communication through e-mail first as I don’t want to waste my time coming in and from the initial responses, it does seem the Dodge dealership would utilize rebates to pay for the trade in pull ahead. I’m waiting for a response on the exact details.