Leasing a hybrid from out of state


Hey all-

Im looking at going hybrid (or diesel) for my next lease but MN doesnt really have any tax credits. Ive leased from out of state before but never on a alternative fuel vehicle so not 100% clear on how the tax credits work. My vague readings sound like the dealer gets the credits but then can pass along the savings to the buyer through lowered cap cost, is this correct? Eyeing the 530e which has a sizable CA credit+federal credit+bmw rebate this month, if my math is right it adds up to over $8k in rebates.

Go find a 328d and lease it before months end, it’ll be cheaper and nicer than any hybrid. It’s kind of hard to miss the deals being posted on these right now.

I’ve seen those deals and am not opposed. Ideally would like something a hair larger like a 5 (or x5). Failing a good deal on a 530e a 3 e or diesel is my fallback

If you want a 2018 you’ve got about 2 weeks to figure it out. Start cracking on those quotes

Yea I’m reaching out to a few. One dealer I asked just replied with ‘I don’t know, we do $3500 with loyalty’ which is a far cry from the roughly 8k I was seeing.