Leasing a Certified Pre-Owned BMW worth it?

I found this certified pre-owned bmw 2015 335i Msport with 14,000 miles. Are these worth leasing? Or am I better off just trying to find a 330i loaner? What are you guys’ suggestions

It’ll cost more than a new 3-series. Take a look at the quote in the thread below.

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For a 2015, you’d definitely be better off buying it at this point. Or, try to find a 17 or 18 loaner.

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Alright then, I guess a loaner would be better. Am I being unrealisting if I’m shooting for $300/month payment? 36 month/10k ? I’ve seen some C300’s go for around that but the 330i’s BMW i dont see much

It will take work, but you can find one, especially if you’re willing to travel to get it.