Leasing a car without manufacturer chip - Mercedes Benz GLC300

Ordered a Mercedes Benz GLC300 RWD with intent to lease, which has just arrived after a slight delay. However notified by the dealer that due to the chip shortage the car will NOT have the communication chip installed, limiting the function of the navigation and communication systems. Just curious if anyone has come across this as well and what the options would be. Before ordering we had negotiated a 10% discount off MSRP. At this point we can accept the car as is, ask for a discount if that’s reasonable in this market, or open to other suggestions. Really appreciate this forum and look forward to hearing your opinions. Thanks.

I saw this in Fletcher Jones website saying cars will arrive without the chip but will be retrofitted once chips are made available. You will probably get your features eventually. I guess the other option was to stop deliveries until making the car whole which I would not prefer. Would you use those features anyways? I would not care if apple car play works fine.

Take your 10% off. The car will be retrofitted at some point in the future. Not to mention, you’ll be fine if you use CarPlay.


Does that include Bluetooth? Dealbreaker for me but YMMV. A lot of people will view lack of navigation as a dealbreaker too.

I would never accept a vehicle with some unclear “future” date for “retrofit” of key features.

Your MB will be retrofitted in month 37. But it does come with a badge on the grill.

What’s the issue? :rofl:


Affected options are like GPS/Remote Start/ Remote Tracking and SOS button. So it would depend if the customer uses those options.

I’m guessing your ordered the vehicle months ago and was recently told that it was missing the chip.


That is a vhooloo-esque response


I’ve got Waze and a cell phone, problem solved, I never use any of the in car nav

Yeah a car ordered with remote start showing up without it, that’s a dealbreaker

Ask for an additional discount or else have them equip it with aftermarket options to make up for the lack of a telematics chip:

  1. LoJack (vehicle tracking & stolen beacon)
  2. Remote start alarm
  3. WiFi hotspot for GPS & tracking

OP tread carefully. If your GLC isn’t shipping with the chip neither are the other GLCs. It’s a balancing act at the end of the day. MB will ultimately give you the chip when available. I would personally take delivery of the car if you feel the deal is strong. Even if the chip doesn’t arrive till month 37 it’s not like they’re going to ding you for this on lease end.

Plenty of solid aftermarket solutions available if you really care about these options…

I guess you could ask for a further discount. Given the inventory shortage not sure why the dealer would accommodate a request like that unless you’ve ordered an absolutely atrocious spec of the vehicle the dealer is sure he will not be able to resell w/o a substantial discount.

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Aftermarket for stuff like remote start is a lottery of what parts they use (usually the cheapest) and who installs it (ditto).

And GL on obtaining any warranty service if they fail.

Going through the same thing with a 2022 GLB35. So far, 6 of the features we had on our build list have been deleted. Assuming Mercedes will adjust the price down or issue of promise to retrofit when the chips become available. As the chip shortage may go into 2023, you’re better off keeping the order and you can sell it at a profit or breakeven down the road.

There’s no way of knowing that. This sort of advice is reckless at best.

Besides, it’s not like it’s a binary choice between getting a Mercedes today or taking the bus everywhere for the rest of your life. There are other cars out there.

You’re right…GLC300’s are fairly common there are plenty of other options besides Mercedes. I thought the 10% discount was pretty good (considering the current market) but with all the drive off costs, breakeven would be tough. Some folks (incl myself) have recently leased vehicles that are selling for well over buyout. Finding a replacement at a suitable cost keeps us from acting on this.

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