Leasing a Bolt - What discounts/rebates are available?



Hi Lease Experts,

I am looking to lease a Bolt EV LT and trying to get a good deal for it after reading this forum for some time. I’ve being requesting quotes from multiple dealerships but they don’t provide a good breakdown of the numbers so it is hard to understand whether the dealer is actually providing some additional discount or not to make the lease better.

For instance, I got this quote for 36m, 10k, single payment lease:
MSPR: 38460
Total due: 13200
Tax: 9.25%
Initial Cap Cost: 34000
Rebate: 4000
MF: 0.00107

If I enter these numbers in the calculator, I get a drive-off of 11141, not the 13200 quoted.

Also, since the breakdown of the discounts is not provided, that discount should be including the following discounts that would apply to the lease:
Employee discount: 2,691.00
Currently leasing a Chevy discount : 500
This makes the the dealer discount to be only 3%.

Can any of you help me understand what I am missing here. Since all quotes I am getting are similar, it is probably me who is misunderstanding how these discounts, rebates, etc work.

@chevysalesgirl you seem to be an expert on Chevy. Any help here is really appreciate.



what region? what model year?


Bay Area, Bolt EV LT 2019


I noticed the 107MF is already reduce, so I’ve adjusted the calculator to 180 which is the default. Also it seems for 10k Residual should be 57% instead of 56%. Even using 56, numbers don’t align.




@mural did you ever get this figured out?


No, I did not. I ended up buying a Bolt LT 2019 at 13k single payment, which was higher than what I was looking for. My previous lease was ending and I could not wait more.

None of the dealers I went provided me the information needed to do a proper calculation of the discounts they were doing (Leasehackr calculator numbers did not align). Even in my lease details it is not clear how they reached the price they reached.