Leasing a 2023 VW ID4 S pro


i’m trying to lease a 2023 VW ID 4 pro s

would this be a good deal?
would be 36 months and 10,000 miles a year for the lease. Here’s the quote.
1700 DAS

that seems like a very good deal for a Pro S.

Why have you tagged CA, NJ and TX? Which state are you actually registering in?

Not necessarily. Not when incentives and tax structures vary so wildly

sorry max im new to the forum. i’m based in texas

I would assume that is RWD (in TX)…?
Anyone see a recent good lease deal in NY, NJ, CT area for AWD ProS ?

that seems like a pretty good deal. Here’s what one VW dealer (Larry Miller VW) here in Tucson, AZ quoted me for an ID.4 Pro S AWD MSRP $54,736

$2000 DAS, plus $2000 in equity on my trade ($4,000 less than what it’s worth)

I told them they were insane walked and out of the dealership!