Leasing a 2018 Giulia in Los Angeles

Hey Hackrs,

I’d like to run a lease special past you before I make any serious decisions. I just moved to LA and am looking at a 2018 Giulia special, currently offered at $349/month with 0 down and ~$2500 drive off costs, 10k/36. The ti Sport is offered at $399/month with 0 down and ~$2500 drive off costs, 10k/36. Both monthly payments are have a 9.5% tax levied on each monthly payment, bringing the total up to $382.16/month and $436.9/month respectively. In general, are either of these great deals? I know there’s already lot of talk about Giulias here, but most I’ve seen are 24 month leases.

MSRP for base: $41,340
MSRP for ti Sport: $43,490

According to the dealer, the ~$2500 drive off includes DMV fees, acquisition, and first months lease payment. This would be my first lease, and I know I’m in LA, but is $2500 high for drive off costs? Not trying to get screwed on a supposedly 0 down lease with an inflated acquisition fee (still waiting on the breakdown from the dealer).

Side note: Is LA car insurance insane for every other young male? I’m looking at $1,500/6 months for any car above $30,000. WTH.


edit: I have a crystal clean driving record, just terrible insurance quotes

MSRPs will be useful. You’ve tried quotes from Progressives or Geico?

Added MSRPs. Quotes from both Progressive and Geico, same thing. First car I’d have an insurance policy on for 4 years, though. Could I expect it to go down after 6 months of clean driving?

So just to be clear, the base is $350/mo with TTL and Acq fee due at signing, and the Ti Sport is $399/mo with $0 due at signing? Or is the Ti Sport also with $2500 at signing? These monthlys are before tax? If so that’s more like $385/mo and $440/mo.

Base is $349/mo with TTL and Acq due at signing, and Ti Sport is $399/mo with TTL and Acq due at signing. Both are 0 down payment. Tax in my area is 9.5%, so $382.16/mo and $436.9/mo respectively.

Is this from Glendale? Prices are pretty similar for 24 and 36 months because of just a 10% difference in residual. These are advertised prices so i think you can do better.

My general rule of thumb is if its advertised/available to everyone, its either too good to be true or not really that great.

The first being a “bait and switch” type of thing “sorry we only had 1 at this price” and the latter being most of the time. Again, just my opinion :slight_smile:

$2500 on top of TTL, ACQ, etc is ~$105 a month in payments, for a 24 month lease…

Thanks for the advice so far. Yes, this is from Glendale. It’s the best I’ve found in the greater LA area so far. Any suggestions on what I should hit back with in terms of negotiation? Is the $2,500 drive off even negotiable? I guess the non-negotiable part is tags/licensing, but could I effectively negotiate an Acq fee?

You need to negotiate the sale price. It looks like in this case the drive offs are just the DMV fees, taxes on any incentives, 1st Payment, and the Acquisition fee (which isn’t negotiable). You can always roll one or more of those into the lease though so your drive offs are less but your monthly goes up (unless there’s a corresponding discount). It looks like they’ve already discounted a pretty good amount, but you could probably get at least another $1k or more.

Almost everything is negotiable and these are both straight up terrible deals for that kind of money. SoCal is land of the cheap lease, so check out threads in the Marketplace forum. I don’t know if you’re super glued on a Giulia or will look elsewhere, but you can score amazing deals on the A4 right now, for example.

And yes, car insurance in LA is expensive.

And yes, car insurance Everything in LA is expensive.

You might be able to squeeze more off the selling price, i think its at 15% off at $38,800 on the TI Sport. The $2,500 DAS seems high tho, should be around $1,900. Aim for $350 a month.


Start with that as a base line

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