Leasing 2018 Tiguan SE in NJ

I’ve been shopping around for about two months for 2018 Tiguan SE 4motion…
but I just can’t seem to find a dealer that would go below $360 per month for 10k miles/36 months with just first month paid upfront.
Is anyone here leasing a Tiguan SE in New Jersey and if so, how much are you paying?

Thank you!

We are leasing a 2018 Tiguan SE 4 Motion w/ 3rd row for $400/m with $400 (first month pymt) due at signing for a 36/12 lease. This is in Philly region and includes PA’s 9% lease tax.

I’m sure I could have gotten a better price, but this was before I found this forum.

I know in the Honcker App, there are SEL 4Motion’s offered for around the same $400/m, but I don’t recall at the moment what the SE’s are listed at. (Separately , I later used Honcker for my Jeep).

That said, my wife loves her VW, even though we over paid for it!

You may be able to lower the payment about $20-$30 but that’s it.

Tiguan is not cheap to lease

Here is Honcker in NJ. If you have a few days, add one or more to your favorites and wait. The app will notify you when they try to entice you with a “flash sale” on items in your saved list. I have seen anywhere from $4-$18/mo less. So it MIGHT dip below $360.

If you end up using Honcker, you can add this code into your App under My Account…Promo Codes to get a free iPad Mini if you lease by the end of August: B67A3B54. I wrote separately about my own Honcker experience in a separate post on this site.

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Just gave the app a tried but it says it’s not available in my area (northern NJ)

I’ve had 2 of my buddies use Honcker in north jersey. I think north jersey and nyc are their strongholds.

Really depends on the brand, they are good with one or two. The rest is just average garbage dealer pricing.

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