Leasing '17 Chevy Bolt. Paid 1 time upfront. Low on miles, when's the right time to return?

I got a great deal 2 years ago for the '17 Bolt Premier. I paid for the lease as a one time pay. I only have about 3k miles left for my mileage allowance with 12 months left. I estimate that I’ll hit my miles in about 2-3 months.

I plan on buying another used '17 Bolt from out of state (to get another carpool sticker) at the end of this lease.

My question is can I just return the vehicle when I hit my mileage limit/any time after? The fact that it’s a 36 month lease has no affect since I paid it as a one time payment for the full lease amount, right?

Second question is, is it advisable? Considering I’d probably owe at least $4,000 at the end of the 36 months I think it’d be better to return the car and just buy a used car that I can get a new CA carpool sticker for. I also want to buy used (vs lease) since I’ve been putting a lot of miles on my cars. The plan is to buy used and hold for 3-4 years until the CyberTruck comes out. :smile:

You can return it once you hit the mileage limit. Whether or not you do is up to you. Personally, I think it makes sense to in your case. The $4000 you’d spend towards this lease could instead go towards purchasing your used Bolt

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Thanks! Im glad my thought process wasn’t completely whack.