Leases on SUV’s with 3rd row - where to focus my effort?

I’m in the same boat.

Loved the Palisade, XC90 and Highlander
Liked the Pilot
Meh on the Telluride, CX9 and Ascent

Turns out the wife really likes the Pilot, Highlander and XC90 - in that order.

Highlander leases are nuts so I’m looking into Pilot numbers this week and part of me is hoping they arent that great so we can get the XC90 that I want

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they had some very decent Pilot leases in Dec, not sure about Jan numbers but worth looking into it further

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Cough bmw wagon available for lease transfer in the marketplace cough


How much space do you guys really need? If your wife hated the CX-9, I imagine it’s because it’s pretty cramped for a 3rd row. The interior materials are really nice, probably best in the segment.

Size wise, your best bet is the Atlas or the Traverse. They’re pretty huge in the back. All around I’d say xc90, such a great SUV for the price and amenities. Of course Palisade and Telluride, but those are so dependent on what kind of pricing you can get.

I beg to differ. My wife had a cx9 GT. Was so glad to get rid of that thing. Felt incredibly cheap inside. Piano black trim got scratched to hell if you wrong. Yah, it’s got nicer materials than the gm or ford offerings in the segment, but that’s not saying much.

I agree with the piano black, but I’m not sure of any 3rd row SUV that has better materials in the segment. What parts felt incredibly cheap to you guys? Did it just all fall apart?

I didn’t even think it was close with the Pilot or Highlander either. Not the new Highlander, haven’t sat in one yet.

My palisade blows it out of the water.

Highlander felt better to me (ignoring the archaic infotainment). Pilot isn’t as flashy in it’s design, but doesn’t feel lower quality (we replaced the cx9 with a passport).

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Oh, yeah. The Palisade/Telluride really stepped up this segment. I guess back in 2015 when the CX-9s came out it was really impressive. I see your point. I got to sit in both at the LA Auto show, it is pretty amazing.

I have a Miata and I can’t stand Mazda’s infotainment. It’s literally useless.

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Oh, I love the new passports. I know people were annoyed that Honda brought out a chopped Pilot, but I think it’s genius. Gives us more non-cvt/CRV options. :joy: How do you guys like it?

It’s been great. Comfy, has lots of room, etc. There are some aspects to it that show the age of the platform vs the newer Honda models (we were cross shopping the crv, which definitely feels more modern), particularly in the infotainment and the drive guidance features.

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The wagon’s have a 3rd row?

nice, good luck!

Thanks! Will check them out - haven’t looked at a Pilot recently.

Not the 3ers. The e450 does, but way more expensive. Well it’s not a 3rd row, but a rear facing bench.

What about an MDX? Should be able to get a good price on one right now and they have the third row fold down…

Will take a look, thanks!

Who needs the third row, the two kids or the dog?

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90% of the time it will be the dog, but we also sometimes drive with friends kids to Disney or elsewhere so there will be times it will be all people, no dogs in each seat.