LeaseHero's Socal Mercedes-Benz Specials (December)

UPDATED 12/4/2019

Not a lot of love for Mercedes! Lease Hero’s here to change that :wink:

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Updated frequently, and please refer to FAQ. Our deals are non-negotiable and bottom line.

One-off Deals! :boom:

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 NEW

Options: Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Blind Spot, Heated Seats

Drive-off: $2k plus 5 MSDs
Monthly: $286 plus tax
Money Factor: .00036 (.00001 after MSDs)
Residual: 57%
Term: 36/10k

Lease Hero’s December Mercedes-Benz Specials


  1. Can I have additional info?
    It’s all listed!

  2. Can I do 7.5k/12k/15k?
    Yes, +1% residual adjustment for 7.5k, -1% for 12k, -3% for 15k

  3. Can I have pictures?
    Due to nature of these deals, I cannot provide that.

  4. Do you have other cars like this?
    Of course we do! The cars listed in our spreadsheet are all just a guideline. We work with numerous dealers across California, so whatever car you’d like, we can make it work!

  5. Can it be shipped or can you do out of state deals?
    No Shipping, but out of state is okay!

  6. Which dealer is this located?
    Each car is located at one of our in-network dealers across SoCal. Due to phone calls our dealers have received, I cannot disclose dealer info without customer commitment.

  7. Do you guys work with other manufacturers?
    We do!
    BMW - Infiniti - Lexus - Rolls-Royce

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Hey, LeaseHero, looks like a decent deal on the S class. Does this calculator look correct?
8.4 years- how good of a deal is that on an S450?

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Here’s the fixed calculator for it: S Class

I think it’s a great deal!

Edit: this was based on old incentives, new ones are better!

The MF on 2019 GLC300 is marked up. Base MF for October is 0.00032

They’re in business to make money, they can’t give you everything :rofl:

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Incorrect! That’s the base money factor for the 4matic :smile:

Mercedes has different residuals and money factors for each trim

That is not correct. MF for 4matic is 0.00016 and for RWD is 0.00060.


Soooo regardless your .00032 was wrong? And my money factor isn’t marked up? Cool :sunglasses:

Yes, its not marked up but it is incorrect.

Fixed 202020

Added a sub-300 A class special too!

Is this available yet?

It is available!

Any G-Class deals? Unlikely, but thought I’d check…

Public Spreadsheet for November! PM us, Email, or Call/Text (Text Preferred) at (714) 881-2719 or (949) 524-9543 (Please only text one of us) if you’re interested in one of our deals :slight_smile:

Updated the Post with SUVs!

Do you ship?

We do not unfortunately

Got one of these ready to go! Incredible deal on a new 2020 imo :wink:

HUGE Enhancement on 2019 C43! 3k additional discount!!

Also added a one off deal on a NEW AMG GT53 4 door!

PM us, Email, or Call/Text at (714) 881-2719 or (949) 524-9543 (Please only text one of us, as both myself and my partner can assist you the same way!)