LeaseHero's SoCal Lexus Specials (August)

Any deal for Mercedes ?

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do you have any rx 350s with options (moonroof, nav) that is not f-sport?

thank you.

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This is exclusively a Lexus thread, please pm us for other manufacturers

Yes! Price would be in between the f sport and base model. Pm me for more info.

where are you located? Do you have any RXL?

We are in SoCal!

what are the options on the NX300?

The one posted on special is a base model, but we can work other configurations for you if you’d like!

Still have LX570 for $799 deal?

IS350 F Sport deals?

@eric5kim I believe you might be mixing us up with another broker, but feel free to pm/call/text me if you’d like us to run a quote for you!

@Rudiculous I responded to your question just now in PMs!

Due to popular request, added another configuration for the RX 350!

Also, a very aggressive deal on a commonly requested structure for the GX! I have a few of these left still!

What are the colors of the RX 350 and the GX 460 ?

I’ve got a lot of colors available! Feel free to pm me or call/text (714) 881-2719 (text preferred)

Do you have RX 350 break down for 12k/year? Thanks.

Our LEXUS link is now in for this month! PM us, email, or text at (949) 524-9543 or (714) 881-2719 (Please call/text only one of us).

Do we need a new link for June update?

Yes you do!

anything for GS350 F Sport?

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Yes! I believe you just texted us, just sent you the link!

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