LeaseHero's Socal BMW Specials (June)

UPDATED 6/04/19


Let us know if you’re interested in a specific model or our private spreadsheet of specials, pm us or text at (714) 881-2719 or (949) 524-9543 (Please only text one of us, as both myself and my partner can assist you the same way!).

Updated frequently, and please refer to FAQ. These are non-negotiable and bottom line .

Benefits of going with us over others!

  1. We work with numerous BMW dealers to get you the best pricing on each model/trim!

  2. We, unlike dealers, do not make money off profit for the vehicle, so its in our best interest to price as cheap as possible to move units. We are purely volume based.

  3. All broker fees (If any) are included in price.

  4. Our inventory is vast since we have so many BMW partners, if there’s a car you’d like that we don’t have listed. Let us know and we’ll work it out!

  5. We will match/beat any advertised special in SOCAL (as long as stock permits).

  6. CCA is still available on our new car deals. It is a POST SALE rebate however, so we are not going to advertise it with the monthly payment!

We will still continue to post loaner specials and other deals on this ad, so check this ad as well as our spreadsheet often!


  1. Can I have additional info?
    It’s laid out in the spreadsheet!

  2. Can I stack college grad and OL and USAA?
    Yes, 1k for grad, 500 for OL, and 250 for USAA.

  3. Can I do 12k/15k?
    Yes, 1% residual adjustment for 12k, 3% for 15k

  4. Can I have pictures?
    Due to nature of these deals, I cannot provide that.

  5. Do you have other cars like this?
    Of course we do! The cars listed in our spreadsheet are all just a guideline. We work with numerous dealers across California, so whatever car you’d like, we can make it work!

  6. If my brother’s pet dog’s friend’s owner has a BMW, does that count for loyalty?
    BMW loyalty is exclusively reserved for in household owners of BMW. Must be the same address. No I cannot just get you loyalty, please stop asking.

  7. Can it be shipped?

  8. Which dealer is this located?
    Each car is located at one of our in-network dealers across SoCal. Due to phone calls our dealers have received, I cannot disclose dealer info without customer commitment.

  9. Can you do out of state deals?
    We can only do out of state deals if you are willing to come sign in person!

  10. Is there an additional broker fee?
    Nope, no extra fees! What you see in the ad is what you pay!

  11. Do you guys work with other manufacturers?
    We do!
    BMW - Infiniti - Lexus - Rolls-Royce

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Do you have the updated offer for 2019 BMW X3 Xdrive with the new May specials?

I’ll be adding a few of those within the next day or two! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

MSDs are back in SoCal?!

They’ve been back since January for all customers of BMW!

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Hey man!

I shot you an iMessage but for some reason they are not going through. We were speaking about my trade-in with my M4 and getting into the i8. Any other way to get in touch?


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No 530e? I believe official BMW lease got $60/m cheaper

@nafis Just sent you a text back not too long ago!

@boozinix No 530e’s currently, should be getting some soon though!

@LeaseHero Look forward to it, let me DM you.

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Added some X3’s and a 4 series due to popular request!

Looking for an i3 lease, any offers?

No i3 offers currently! Pricing isn’t as aggressive with 2018 i3 support being dropped :frowning:

Any X5/X6?

JUST ADDED 2 i8 Coupes!!!

ADDED 2 more CRAZY deals!


What do you mean by support for i3 being dropped? I thought they have recently released an update version with bigger battery for 2019? Or am I missing something? Thanks

2018 i3s are no longer leaseable.

Got it, thanks. And you don’t see any 2019 coming up in your stock in the near future?

PM’d re: i3 Deal

We do have some! They’re just not as aggressive as the 2018’s. You can pm me for more details.