LeaseHero's Socal BMW Specials (December)

@arcangely2k I haven’t received a pm yet, can you try re-sending it?

Saw your message regarding the i3’s. Do you have any deals for these in Southern California?

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I think the 540 has a residual of 60% and the Lease credit is at 3500 for May. I’m not sure if that affect the payment or not.

This is a special exception car, the residual, credits, and payments listed are correct and confirmed :slight_smile:

Oh okay. Thanks for clarifying.


No more specials on 2018s, but feel free to PM me if you are interested in a 2019!

UPDATED AND ENHANCED QUOTES FOR MID MONTH! More incentives on 4 series and deeper discounts on 3, i3, and 5 series to get you guys the best prices around :smiley:


correct me if i’m wrong, but the 530e above is the same deal as beginning of month, right?

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Good eye, I misquoted it previously. But the edits have now been made. Pricing is accurate! 8 dollars less a month!

Any 530e with M-Sport package?

@jvgaspar Yes! Pricing would go up of course as the msrp is higher, but feel free to pm or call/text me at 714-881-2719 if interested and in California!

The terms been overused I know, but I’ll just leave this emoji in reference :unicorn:


Great Deal on M4 CS.
This is the type of exceptional deal that may not attract a lot of attention with the new posting format.


Wow that will be gone by days end. If I didn’t get my i8 from you I would pick up that up immediately. Need i3 unicorn deals!!!

I’ve got a few of these M4 cs that I can honor at the same price! Hope you’re enjoying your i8 and I got some pretty aggressive pricing for the i3 posted in our ad :wink:

Any M4 convertible deals that are close to unicorn?

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Yes, please, LeaseHero, tell us all where the unicorns slumber.

Unicorns are hunted and caught with one’s bare hands, people.


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When you’re shooping for a 540i and you see the M4 cs is only 100 bucks more… You guys are killing me here

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There’s more trunk money on the cs but I can do a convertible for a little less a month than the cs!

M4 CS… im drooling here… i still got 5 months left on my current bmw lease ):