Leasehackr vs. Lease Guide: Palisade/Telluride

I’m so confused, because on Leaseguide they rank the Palluride in the “Best” category for lease deals, but I’ve yet to find a good deal (or comment) about leasing these cars here. Am I missing something? I really like these cars and am looking to lease one in the next couple of months, but I’m pretty discouraged. Any help will be very welcome.
Thanks Hackrs!

I have no clue what leaseguide is, but I do have first had experience in leasing a palisade and follow pricing nationwide on them. They don’t lease amazingly well, if you base off of MSRP. The palisade leases much better than the telluride. They biggest contender for your dollar when looking at one is the XC90.


Yea, I would put absolutely zero stock into any deal ratings or anything else from “Leaseguide”. Seems to be nothing more than a referral generator, click bait ish how to articles on leasing, etc.

As mentioned above “deals” on the Pallisade and Telluride can be few and far between, but there have been some data points posted. Spend some time doing your homework and searching past deals on here, not “Leaseguide”.

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