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Have you ever done a test drive from the back seat of a car? I have several times ……


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This is the real reason why you’re dumping the 740…

It’s not $650/month.

It’s actually $1190/month.

He got the car thru a lease transfer where the original lessee provided cash incentive to take over the lease making the effective payment $650

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Not his post. Was another LH OP. As usual he’s :bridge_at_night: :arrow_down:

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Improving their ESG Ratings. Signaling is now built-in.

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Not a meme, but does look like one in context

I wanted to post this the other day when someone was trying to “hack” shipping quotes and just wanted the cheapest guy.

When it comes to transporters, cheaper isn’t better :joy:


Not sure if it’s bogus.

What most people do not realize about Auto Shipping is that most of this is done on load boards through brokers…when you request a quote from a broker says he / she can get the car moved for $750 they then take the vehicle put it on a loadboard and either wait for calls or start making calls and try and get a carrier to take it for $500 then after negotiation end up paying $600 to the carrier and then take the $150 as their commission.

This applies to many of the “recommended shippers” on here…it’s pretty rare that the broker has a personal relationship with the person driving the truck…accidents happen in that business and it’s why those companies ballpark about $10,000 premium per truck insurance costs per year.

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Alright if you go ahead sign right here we’ll be out your hair.

I was at Mannheim last year, and this guy had his head halfway out the window of a Volvo XC60 inscription as he was loading it. Full sent it up the ramp to the top deck of his truck.

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Yes I am familiar with central dispatch

I was thinking, ‘where meme?’ then realized the Bronco is the meme.

Thought it was relevant as everyone was talking about shipping

Oh. My. Word. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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Need an eye check not a deal check.

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Aren’t they really the same car?


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